Our client portfolios are carefully tailored to reflect each client's objectives, taking into consideration his or her financial goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, as well as any other investment restrictions imposed by the client. While client portfolios are typically invested principally in index mutual funds and exchange traded funds, in some cases a client portfolio may include actively managed mutual funds or individual stocks and bonds in order to obtain adequate diversification or to meet client-specific objectives or directions.

Client accounts are individually reviewed on a monthly or quarterly cycle, during which time the portfolio's asset allocation, realized and unrealized capital gain, cash levels, diversification, income generation and performance are examined. The reviews are conducted to ensure that each account is managed in a manner that is consistent with the individual client's objectives.

Clients receive statements of their accounts directly from the institution that maintains custody of their securities. In addition, clients receive either a monthly or quarterly portfolio detailed report prepared by us showing (amongst other things) cost of securities held and current market values, the portfolio's rate of return for the year to date, over the last 12 months and since the account was opened, the portfolio's diversification, a comparison of the portfolio's existing holdings to the client's model portfolio and information on how their portfolio is performing relative to major market indexes as well as a benchmark portfolio that is reflective of the types of investments held in the client's account.